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    Engage employees,
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    Gnie range of products and applications aims to bring the advantages of AI and Natural Language Understanding to your organization.

    Our applications are seamlessly built into the enterprise messaging applications (like Microsoft Teams). With our Intelligently crafted conversation flows we make employees your daily tasks very easy, intuitive, and often interesting.

    Gnie Platform

    The backbone of all Gnie products is Gnie Platform, a custom-built framework best suited for chat-based application development.

    This platform helps us to have the same high levels of quality and performance across all our products & applications.

    Goals Gnie

    Employee Performance management

    GoalsGnie turns the often-boring annual performance review process to a more interesting and rewarding experience.

    Your employees can define performance goals, get it reviewed, track progress, get feedback, and complete periodic reviews all through a chatbot and a seamlessly built-in web interface. Goalsgnie has the ability to send proactive notifications and reminders so that your employees don’t need to keep track of performance cycle deadlines and pending tasks.

    For managers and HR team, GoalsGnie has dashboards and reports that make it very easy to track progress, compliance and request action when needed, through the messaging application.


    Time Tracking and Reporting

    Very few organizations get the real picture about where employee efforts are spent ad rarely does any employee enjoy the experience of time tracking and reporting.

    TimeGnie introduces a new way of reporting time by providing a smart, conversation-based user experience. With configurable to reporting frequencies, timely reminders, instant approval reminders etc. TimeGnie makes time tracking very easy and straightforward.

    Built-in dashboards enable managers and department heads to get a bird’s eye view of how their team is doing and identify and address any non-compliance, all using the messaging application.


    For enterprise applications

    Gnie for E aims to provide the advantages of a chat-based, conversational user experience to the Enterprise Applications. Seamless integrations with the enterprise applications make sure that the Bots work as another channel, fully complementing the functionalities of your application.

    Gnie-E for Oracle eBusiness Suite

    Gnie-E for Oracle eBusiness Suite works side by side your Oracle eBusiness Suite applications and provides a channel for all approvals, like Expenses, Purchase Requestions, Purchase Orders etc.

    With Gnie-E, you can chat with the Bot on your messaging application for any notifications that needs your attention rather than having to log into Oracle eBusiness Suite or look through your emails. With proactive notifications and easy search, you will never have any trouble finding any requests for approvals.

    Gnie-E for Agile PLM

    Gnie-E for Agile PLM is built to work with Oracle Product Life cycle management application. Using the bot, you can perform extensive searches (AI-assisted) and view any documents or objects (like Parts, ECOs, Change Requests, etc.). Also built-in is the ability to view attachments and to perform any approvals.

    Gnie Botomation

    Customized Bots

    Like to leverage the flexibility of chat-based user experience to enhance your existing applications? Our consultants are specialized in designing conversational flows and integrating with any other applications.

    Your customized AI-enabled bot to cater to all your requirements

    Why hire a customer service representative when you have a virtual assistant that can transform your workplace into a leading brand with our AI-powered bot interface?

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    Want to know more about Enterprise bot platform integration in to your organization? Submit your details with us and we will get in touch soon!